persecution of Alcanà, Sara Maria 6/1/1940 Kos an entity of type: Persecution

persecution of Alcanà, Sara Maria 6/1/1940 Kos 
Sara Maria Alcanà, figlia di Giacobbe Alcanà e Luna Hasson è nata a Kos (Isole Egee del Dodecaneso) il 6 gennaio 1940. Arrestata a Kos (Isole Egee del Dodecaneso). Deportata nel campo di sterminio di Auschwitz. Non è sopravvissuta alla Shoah. 
Sara Maria Alcanà, daughter of Giacobbe Alcanà and Luna Hasson. She was born, in Kos, (Dodecanese Aegean Islands) on January 6 1940. She was arrested in Kos (Dodecanese Aegean Islands). She was deported to the extermination camp of Auschwitz. She did not survive the Shoah. 
Morto/a in campo di sterminio 

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