The Foundation Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center, CDEC, is a non-profit research institute for the history of Jews in Italy in the Contemporary age, based in Milan. CDEC has the largest collection of documents concerning the Holocaust ("Shoah") in Italy. At the end of 2012, the CDEC Foundation launched an important project to reorganize its information systems and to digitalize additional documentary collections thanks to the support received due to Law 155 of 15th October 2009. The main goal of the project is the creation of a Digital Library to easily access, even online, the CDEC's documentary heritage.

The Digital Library is based on an integrated architecture of xDams, an Open Source platform for historical archives, and Opendams, for the management of the activities of the Institute. Linked Open Data (LOD ) is the basis of the whole information structure and, together with the Holocaust (Shoah) domain ontology, one of the major innovation of the project.

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The ontology describing the Shoah domain, proposed here in beta version, aims to formally describe concepts and relationships that characterize the process of persecution and deportation of Jews in Italy between 1943 and 1945. Ontology Class "persecution" describes steps from arrest, to imprisonment (in prison or camps in the Italian territory) and then to deportation to Nazi concentration and extermination camps, or in some cases, to death in Italy before the deportation. Biographical information and fate of the victims of the persecution are represented in the "person" Class. Relationships between these two Classes is the basis of this ontology. The starting point for the construction of the ontology on the Holocaust has been a database with more than 8,000 names of Jews, victims of Nazi and Fascist persecution in Italy, collected by CDEC during decades of research. The first release of this research has been published in "The Book of Memory" ("Il Libro della Memoria") by Liliana Picciotto and on the websiteread more


Available here the ontology beta version reference document



LodLive è is an open source graph browser of Linked Open Data.
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LodView è LodView is a LOD browser wihich add Linked Data interfaces to SPARQL endpoints


A database subset of names of Jews deported from Italy was published in the Sparql Endpoint. In this subset an attempt was made to interlink with data published by the Archivio Centrale dello Stato in the inventory "Ministry of the Interior. Directorate-General of Public Security. Division General Affairs and reserved,Internal Office. A4 bis foreign internal and espionage 1940 - 1945".
The CDEC Foundation thanks the Central State Archive for its positive and friendly collaboration.